Translation policy

Look, I want to make one thing clear from the start: I’m not translating for people who read Japanese. I’m translating for people who don’t.

One of my first encounters with a translator’s notes was the Excel Saga manga. In volume one, there’s a panel that shows a bunch of stuff washing away – among them, a tanuki statue and another statue of the Colonel from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Japanese version had a joke about the tanuki, but the translator decided to change the joke to something more familiar to a Western audience: the Colonel.

In my mind, that’s what translation is all about; not a literal word-for-word transcription but an interpretation of the author’s meaning into a new language. If you want a literal word-for-word, just go to Babelfish; there’s a nice option just for doing that.

However, I’m NOT making it up as I go along. Scanlation is for losers, and it’s not what people pay for – after all, any idiot can just blank out text in photoshop and put their own in; it takes an idiot who can use a kanji dictionary AND photoshop to do half-assed translations!

At least I use my whole ass…

Anyway, if you like my style and want to commission something, go ahead and shoot me an email at iamfanboy at

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