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DOAX Beach Volleyball – Pland Round 10

Posted in releases on April 2, 2009 by iamfanboystudio


There was a time when I admired Ponsu’s doujinshi. The rondure of his women, the big boobs, the joy they showed in committing the most wanton of acts, and did I mention the boobs?

Then, Masterbloodfer asked me to translate this doujinshi, and all my respect for Ponsu vanished – not as an artist, but as a writer. I had never bothered to read his stuff before; after all, I just liked the, uh, pretty pictures.

Insipid. Flat. Boring. Uninteresting. These words come so close to describing the dialogue, yet fail to do it justice. Maybe it’s just this one doujin – perhaps his Azumanga one is better. But somehow, I doubt it.

Oh, it has a few good moments (I quite like the first 4-koma) but overall…

Anyway, give it a read and see what you think.

Culittle2’s Gold Saucer Nights – Final Fantasy 7

Posted in releases on April 1, 2009 by iamfanboystudio


I decided to translate this originally just to see if I could – way, way back in 2003, so yeah, this is gonna be old hat to some folks, but since it IS one of my translations I want to put it out there as MINE, dammit.

As I recall, this wasn’t too bad. Except for the HANDWRITTEN words.