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Posted in translation policy on April 1, 2009 by iamfanboystudio

Look, I want to make one thing clear from the start: I’m not translating for people who read Japanese. I’m translating for people who don’t.

One of my first encounters with a translator’s notes was the Excel Saga manga. In volume one, there’s a panel that shows a bunch of stuff washing away – among them, a tanuki statue and another statue of the Colonel from Kentucky Fried Chicken. The Japanese version had a joke about the tanuki, but the translator decided to change the joke to something more familiar to a Western audience: the Colonel.

In my mind, that’s what translation is all about; not a literal word-for-word transcription but an interpretation of the author’s meaning into a new language. If you want a literal word-for-word, just go to Babelfish; there’s a nice option just for doing that.

However, I’m NOT making it up as I go along. Scanlation is for losers, and it’s not what people pay for – after all, any idiot can just blank out text in photoshop and put their own in; it takes an idiot who can use a kanji dictionary AND photoshop to do half-assed translations!

At least I use my whole ass…

Anyway, if you like my style and want to commission something, go ahead and shoot me an email at iamfanboy at

Greetings, program!

Posted in translation policy on April 1, 2009 by iamfanboystudio

Well, April first is hardly the most auspicious day to be starting anything.

Be that as it may, this blog will be the host of whatever translations I choose to do. After all, if one person doing it wasn’t enough, and ten people weren’t enough, what’s one more eh?

But mine will be better. Because I! AM! FANBOY!!